Hello everyone, the time arrived for us to introduce ourselves to you.

We are Patty & Shu, a international couple, of a Portuguese graphic artist and a Japanese web-programmer. We were having a funny chitchat between each other trying to release some of the tension of our day to day life, was when unexpectedly Cuckoo Parrot idea was born.

We always wanted to start working on "something" together, "something" that we could do as a couple, combining our natural talents, first of all as a hobby, that we could do without any stress, or burden upon our daily routines but that that would make us feel satisfied as professionals as well.

We got married barely a year ago (at the moment we are writing this post)  we can be quite a silly duo... (we still wonder how this two "characters" came across to each other, like Mr. Spock usually says: "It's Illogical!").

We enjoy life as a whole, we embrace mother nature, the peculiar funny moments of it, but we have a special craving for good food, (been a Portuguese and Japanese couple we have quite a food culture background... still wondering how we don't get fatter). But we admire as well the so called simple things of life, such as watching and sharing movies together... even when Patty loves to watch the dark action movies with vampires and Shu prefers more the melody of a Disney movie.

So what is Cuckoo Parrot and what is our objective?! Cuckoo Parrot is a new brand, specially aimed for bird lovers, as we are (well specially Patty), actually part of the inspiration for this brand was Patty's lovebird parrot ChiChi (or Chichinha). We want this brand to be as parrots are: Cute, happy and with an unsuspected attitude!

In our shop you can find T-shirts and totes with designs that can fulfill your personality as a bird owner or just as an admirer of the species. (we are starting up so keep an eye open for new products) We can as well make your own and just yours design, you can contact us at any time for it!

Apart from the branding and design Cuckoo Parrot is going to be as well a regular Vlog, we hope to surprise you and make it as fun as possible, in this adventure as well... so please subscribe already to our channel for the upcoming movies at: Cuckoo Parrot YouTube Channel

Thank you so much for reading us, we hope to find you here once again!