Ah, the wonders of noodles.

So tasty... Feels like we want to eat more right now! Memories of a tasty meal are always overwhelming!... Soon we will be back!

We all love noodles don't we?!... Well, I bet most of us do love it! (Ok, ok... only some of us!) But, for the ones who love it not always we can easily find that special ones that are tasty or even as good as the original noodles. So imagine our great happiness when we found a place like that, where we could eat real hand made noodles! And that whe think to be the best or at least one of the best noodles in Lisbon.

This place is in Martim Moniz (how could it not be?)... and is part of the big grocery shop that is placed in the lower floor! The "Supermercado Amanhecer Oriental", now, every time we miss that noodle soup we go there and enjoy a nice bowl full of it, and is quite cheap for the size, you can enjoy it only by 5€ ($5,68), they also have dry noodles that are tasty as well.


Please enjoy today's video! If you go one day to Lisbon and wish that special noodle soup don't forget this place! And as always be happy and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe us!