When we started the "Cuckoo Parrot" project was with the main intention to create funny and witty designs for T-shirts and also to other similar items, that specially bird lovers could wear, but sometimes one idea takes us to another one, and sometimes it takes us to ideas that we barely could imagine only a few days before, if someone had by chance suggested it to us.

Was in that way, alongside with the main project idea, that the "Cuckoo Parrot Vlog" was born in YouTube, since we had already a Gmail account was like a "favor" step forward in that particular decision of starting doing it.

A vlog that we aim to show in a relaxed, even "loosen up" way to our friends and followers of the channel, (that we might get in the future, who knows?!), a peek into our "silly" life.

Time to time, we can be two floating empty-heads and sometimes, (well most of the time), we do have some crazy ideas "colonizing" our heads. So, why not make out the best of it by doing it a small vlog were we could show a little bit of what we usually do, (even if it looks a bit "foolish")?!

Likewise, we plan to show what is going on around us, where we live, the people, and the occasional events that are held in the city we live and in other locations if we get the change to get into it!

True that we are amateurs when it comes to be "Youtubers", and there is still a long way to learn how to relax in front of the camera.

Surely we will not post in a daily, or even on a weekly basis, but we will try to keep up to do it regularly and bring new videos as often as possible.

Keep an eye on us, and subscribe us on YouTube if you wish to know what more we will be up to.

We will continue with our main goal of design alongside with this new vlogging adventure, we count always with your support and critics.