Sometimes we want to eat but we really don't want to cook anything... how many times didn't this happen to all of us?! But at the same time we want to try something new. The second episode of our Vlog at YouTube was made during one of those days when we tried something quick, but that in the end up to had a funny outcome!

Japan has a wide variety of cup noodles, from ramen to the most popular instant noodles. You almost feel you got lost in the middle of so many shelves in the stores and local "konbini" (convenience stores)!

In Portugal the variety of instant noodles is not that wide, and only quite recently we started to see on local stores noodles, but even so some Portuguese brands started to venture themselves in to the world of  "boiling water" cups, maybe influenced by the success that the original "Cup Noodles" have near the younger people. So, we bough for a try the (now popular in here) "BANZAI Noodles" from CIGALA brand, and out of fun we decided to test the flavors shooting a small video, not even imagine it could end up been the first part of our second episode. Shu... let's say was not very happy with the curry flavor we got so he decided to go radical on it.

In the second part we venture ourselves in to the Chinese cuisine. We got ourselves a cute bamboo steamer from one fo the many Chinese stores in the Lisbon's "Chinese district", the Martim Moniz... well is not a China Town at all, rater a multicultural district, were you can find easily emigrants from all the world, especially from African and Asian countries. If there is a place in Portugal were you can see different people, from different cultural backgrounds and religions can live peaceful together, maybe that area can be a perfect example. You can check out for more information about the square in the following link:

Well, I leave you with then with our second episode, we hope you enjoy, please feel free to comment, like and subscribe to follow our next adventures ;)

Thank you for watching the episode in advance, if you don't find near your local stores oriental products for cooking, please have a look on the products bellow that we selected from Amazon and we hope you may find something that you are looking for in our small list! Enjoy!