It was an very nice day in the winter time, was cloudy but fortunatly not much cold or even rainy, so was perfect for a walk.

That day, Shu needed to renew his passport, that was about to expire soon, so wen head up to Lisbon to the Japanese Embassy at Avenida da Liberdade, to take care of that matter.

More than boring stuff...

Obviously, we could not go to Lisbon just to take care of serious matters, so we had in mind to go, after finish our businesses to go to "Marquês de Pombal" square, (that is close to the Embassy) to be more precise we wanted to go to the park right next to it (Parque Eduardo VII).
Our ideia at the time was to take care of the passport and then have lunch in a street food van (an old kombi) that usually hangs over there... but, our plans changed quite quickly!

When things do not happen exactly as you wish for...

Explore the streets... a bit more.

Lisbon is such a nice city to explore and scroll up and down, even when we feel our feet tired, and our plans are not quite exactly what we had in mind... we always want to explore a bit more! Really it doesn't matter the number of times you cross the same street, there are always something new going on!

The old but always classic Lisbon yellow trams.

Rua da Prata, Lisboa - Portugal

Do we never stop craving for food?!...

In the end of the day we were tired, but quite happy about our day in the Capital city. We end up having dinner there too more exactly at the "Buffet do Leão" in downtown Lisbon, at the time was quite a nice discovery. Is a Portuguese all you can eat where you can taste grilled meats and a lot of salads and some soups! (Oh, by the way they have a quite nice wine of the house)

Rua da Prata, Lisboa - Portugal

Dive with us in to our 5th episode.

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We hope you enjoy our new episode and that you have fun, always!