Unique people can do exceptional things.

Not always we are able, better say to have the privilege, to find people that do really care about others and the city where they live in, without expecting nothing in return, with the exception of kindness and a warm hug from others.

And is in even more rare occasions that these people get together to make things happen, and even if only for a day or a few hours can completely change a life.
Like someone said before: all it takes is a minute in someone's life to change it for ever!

That unique special hug!

Where an abandoned school gains life.

So this time we visited a local community luncheon project, held at Escola Conde De Ferreira, a once ruined former primary school which is now been recovered by an association and is opened to the local community.
According to Aline, the luncheon project founder, the aim of her Community Luncheon Project is to create a meeting point where people can eat and have a good disposition. Aline would like to see many people together with different ideas coming to life.

Once the playground of children now a place of new hopes and ideas.

"Because if people join in with problems to resolve with the help of others they can solve them. The ideas of many people are better than just one person's. As unity makes us stronger I hope that many people with good disposition come. Many ideas, that can do many things here." By Aline.

New horizons, never late to reboot.

Aline, was once the owner of a popular restaurant in Barreiro (O Pial) and for 15 years she served good home made food to all that came and passed through her establishment door, now retired of her business days, she want to devote herself on bounding people together hopping, that other projects can see the light of day from her lunches and who knows changes can really happen for many people!

Part of the lunch that so kindly Aline cooked to all of us.

The Escola Conde Ferreira is open to public and all can come in and present their own projects, workshops of different areas, curses or simply gather people under a good vibration.

The day Youtube video.

We participated in one of Alines's lunches and loved so much that we expect to participate more often on them, since meeting with people is the only way of make things happen.

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