Patty Miyao-Andrade

Hi there, I’m Patricia.

I’m passionate by watching our son growing up day by day, by wild nature and birds specially since I have them as pets, birds are many times regarded as lower pets, but any bird owner will tell you otherwise, they can often supplant your expectations of what a tiny bird can do.

Professionally speaking I dedicated my life to the graphic design industry and to children’s illustrations. Crossing my career years (in fast mode) I worked from the old traditional 2D animation (hand drawn frame by frame) to the more digital book cover design.

As a kid growing up in the south bank of Lisbon I had a few passions that included art, History and Archeology... during my early teens I had a strange dream of becoming a scuba diving archeologist.\ I was always attract by oriental cultures specially the Japanese one, by other hand I loved the pre colombian culture, specially their pattern art.

I’m open for commissions and free to be hired to do remote work in the field of graphic design and illustration.

Feel free to submit to me your questions and inquiries.