About Us

We are an international couple, of a Portuguese girl that by some twists of destiny end up married to a Japanese guy (and vice versa). By other strange "hocus-pocus" we are both freelance workers in the fields of design, illustration, video editing, online marketing and web programming.\ At this moment, we live with our baby boy in Portugal, in the "South Bay of Lisbon". (more simply known here as Margem Sul, means South Bank).

We always wanted to do something together as a couple, since we are independent workers, there is the possibility of been more flexible about our schedules, so we decided to try to work together in some simple projects that could include our combined skills mentioned above, and there is our YouTube channel, but this one was made just for fun. It's our hobby. Please feel free to go there leave comments, thumbs up or down vote as you wish, so we can have a feedback.

We are looking forward to sharing our projects and adventures with you!

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Patricia Andrade

Shu Miyao