Been an international couple we have the "problem" of one of us to be an expat of his home country, and "forced" to be away from it for long periods of time.

That separation cause naturally a strange feeling of longing, what we here in Portugal call "Saudade"... a word with no direct translation into english or other languages that I know about, but is one word that means so much, "saudade" is the longing, the missing, the lack of something, the pain, the sorrow and in the very end the deep happiness of good memories past, "saudade" is something that my husband time to time feels about his home country Japan. (and I do understand him, I was an expat myself for some time back in the lands of Her Majesty, England).

It was from that "saudade" that our first episode of "Cuckoo Parrot Vlog" started... funny enough was the longing for a particular dish of Japan, known quite well around the world, the famous if not notorious, Ramen.

So, we made this video that we hope you enjoy! Below the video we added some background history about Ramen if you are interested about finding more. Thank you so much in advance for reading and watching the video!

Believe it or not the ancestors of Ramen has an old and notorious path of around 4000 years old, actually it's believed that the famous "noodles" were "discovered" in ancient China around 2000 BC. But very far away from what we know nowadays.

The "noodles" traveled a long way, from the mainland China to Japan, somewhere around the 12 century, carried along side with the teachings of Buddha that arrived Japan around that time. But, even so the dish carried out by the monks didn't became popular like it is now days, it was still very faraway.

But thanks to some turning points in History open the doors to everybody favourite "noodles", one of those points is that Tokugawa Mitsukuni, a feudal lord ate the dish upon the advise of a Chinese refugee at the time, to make his udon soup more tastier, but this story has more of myth than real truth on it, and is seen more as a "fairytale"!

It's more plausible that in fact was the opening of Japan to the outside world during the 19 century that make the way to Ramen to arrive and stay for real in Japanese territory, to become one of the most iconic dishes of Japan, a noodle soup called then laa-mien.

Ramen it is probably one of the very first fast-food to exist in History.

The real turning point begins with a very dark time for Japan and for the world, the second great war (WWII) that deepened Japan in poverty and famine period. Due to the war all food was rationalized and there was few wheat to make "noodles", and it almost disappeared.

When the war ended Japan received aid from abroad to fight the hunger that still existed. Wheat was delivered in to the country and the productivity of "noodles" making stared to boom alongside with other foods as yakisoba, gyōza, and okonomiyaki.

So it was from a terrible moment in History that our Ramen was finally born, from necessity to popularity. It took some decades but is impossible for us to dissociate Ramen from Japan anymore.

You can find more information about Ramen in the following websites, that we used as basic information:

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